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* If you are a member, you must log into your account first to access your member price.
All guest tickets are full price. If you would like to join, pay for your membership first and THEN buy your tickets.

** Please DO NOT BOOK FOR OTHER MEMBERS. If they cant book for themselves online, they can contact us to arrange a ticket and payment.

If you need to book for multiple registrations which are priced differently
ie: 1 dancer, 2 children etc. then register your ticket first (don't pay for it) then click INVOICE ME then NEW REGISTRATION until you have registered everyone, then at the end you will be able to pay for the total. You will see the total in blue cart in the bottom right corner of your screen. If you get stuck, just call us and we will talk you through it.

**** If you are purchasing from the shop, pay for that first and THEN book your event tickets.

***** Online tickets will automatically cancel after 24hrs if left unpaid.

If you have any difficulty, don't get yourself in a tizzy, please call 08 94942852 and we will talk you through it :)

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