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Our Committee!

Free Spirit Dance and Wellness Inc is a registered not-for-profit incorporation, governed by a Constitution and administered by a Committee. Here we introduce your Committee.



Madame La Presidente
Kerry Mace

Hi, I’m Kerry and I am the Chairperson and WAMED representative of the Free Spirit Dance Community Inc. which means that I am a really good organiser. In my other life outside of the community I am a Coordinator, I coordinate 2 camps per year for kids with Arthritis and I am the office manager for Short Fuse Speaker Repairs in partnership with my husband John.

My other passion is as a Volunteer Health Consumer Representative, I am the chair of the Fiona Stanley Consumer Advisory Council, within this position I sit on the Hospital Executive committee and work within the hospital to give a consumer’s perspective to the staff, as well as other health related committees. I am also involved with the Arthritis Foundation running support groups for those with Inflammatory Arthritis, which I have lived with since a child.

I am one of the founding members of the Free Spirit Dance Community, which started in the hall at South Fremantle High School since 2008, in this time I have been Treasurer, Secretary and have now been chair for 6 years. I am also the WAMED Representative for the community and love being involved with the wider Bellydance community. 




Melinda Ware

My name is Melinda and I think I have settled on the dance name of Saphira meaning Blue Eyed Dragon. My sword is also called Saphira so together we can really cause some havoc.  My love of dance started in primary school, you know the barn dances you used to have to do with boys with warty hands, I was first in line for the dancing not the warty hands, then ballroom dancing with boys that stuttered or girls with warty hands in high school.  I remember boogieing around our lounge room to Glen Millers In the Mood, its still one of my favourites.  I also did Physical Culture which had a very small dance element all through school and then

 I joined the navy,  when my first son was little I did a term of Jazz  ballet. Then life got in the way and very soon it was all about my boys, surf life saving and athletics and footy committee and junior and senior secretaries of their club and work until my dad passed away and my sister and I decided to try out new things together, Ti chi, line dancing, then bellydancing. In 2006 I found Jamila and Arabian Nights.  Sadly Jamila passed away but Arabian Nights have stayed together as a troupe and continue her legacy.  Along the way I have danced with the lovely Bianca-t Castro and her Tribal Fusion Troupe.  Currently as well as performing with Arabian Nights I am dancing with the Irrepressible Princess Fee and am part of her Sayyida, Bellyslink and Ruffles of Doom troupes. Performances do get a bit manic with all the costuming.  Must admit, slow and slinky and grounded and earthy are my preferred styles of belly dance and I hate free dance, robot man comes out, and being the centre of attention!  I have been on the Free Spirit Committee for a couple of years as Arabian Nights representative, General Committee Member and this year as Vice Chair, don't know how that happened. I have had a wonderful journey through the belly dance world learning from and becoming friends with  some truly amazing teachers and dancers locally and through WAMED.  I am honoured to be included in the small but hard working group of exceptional women who make up the FSDC. Now that I have retired, I don't know how I fitted stuff in before, my life is full of grandchildren of which I have 4, my 2 boys and husband Steve who are all athletic, holidays (following the husband around the country and  world while he is competing, he is a Triathlete,) my Chiball class and reading and of course my belly dancing.  Hopefully I can continue to enjoy what life is throwing at me for a while yet my only regret is I didn't find you all sooner. 
Fiona Watts

Hi! I'm Fiona and I'm the wearer of many hats in Free Spirit, which means I'm the Type-A with the clipboard. My mild-mannered alter-ego works full time as a manager, so that means I have mad time management, organisational and spreadsheeting skills, which I bring to my role at Free Spirit. I've been a member of Free Spirit since 2011 and first got involved with the Committee in 2012 (I think!) and have been a Free Spirit Teacher (running Princess Fee Bellydance) since about that same time. I enjoy volunteering my time to create events for my students and my Community to enjoy and working to create those human connections, creative partnerships and sacred space for dancers to dance. Nice to meet you! Photo by Richard Stein's Little Studio.

  General Member
Tina Frost

I have been involved with FSDC since its inception. I joined the Committee as a general member in its second year and have been on it in some capacity ever since. I have been responsible for Membership and been the ABC representative. For the past few years I have been the money collector/banker (Vice-treasurer).

I began dancing in my late fifties, doing Bollywood and then Gypsy Caravan . I love the dancing and the Community as it gives me great joy, friendship and laughter, adding much to my life. Serving on the Committee is a privilege and a pleasure.

Tina xxxx


Studio Manager

Leanne Shannon

Hi my name is Leanne, more commonly known as Lea Lea, I have been dancing since June 2004 when my sister talked me into taking classes, we completed 2 terms of Egyptian belly dance with Ayesha. 

At the start of our third term Ayesha introduced to Paulette Rees Denis,  Gypsy Caravan Tribal belly dance and my journey as a Tribal Bellydancer began, becoming one of the Free Spirit Gypsies.

I have been a part of the Free Spirit Dance Community from the beginning, from before the community became a not-for-profit organization in 2010, so next year is our 10th birthday. 

I have been on the committee from the beginning in various positions, I am currently in my second year as the studio manager, so contact me for all your studio hire questions and bookings. 

Outside of dance I am an upholstery machinist with Rocky Bay Inc.

Strategic Partnerships Officer

Annette Boyle- BSW, GradDipEd(Sec)

I have always had a strong desire to work with people and hear their stories as they navigated and transitioned through life stages and its various challenges. Having a younger brother with Asperger’s, I developed the skill at a young age to communicate and “hold space” that was safe and nurturing to help him work through his emotions.

I work with people from all walks of life seeking insight into their Emotions, Relationships, Career, Physical Living Space and other life challenges. I find most people want to be seen and heard and “just be” who they truly are. My gift is providing a safe space and actively listening to people’s stories, without judgement.

My diverse professional journey includes 25+ years as a Social Worker, Secondary Teacher (careers), Marketing, PR, Event Management, Recruitment and Business Development, House Designer and Renovator, Facilitator of Circle Work, Red Tent Facilitator, Rites of Passage Facilitator, Inner Child Play and Movement Meditation for adults and children.

I believe we create our life events through a combination of intention, intuition, visualisation, self-talk and action. My goal is to help people connect to the wisdom they already have from within and encourage them to be free to discover their own truth and self-empowerment. 


Community Grants Officer
Lidia Cesconetto

Hi its Lidia here, the newbie in both the dance and Committee sense. I found my tribal dance groove at the Bibra Lake studio about 4 yrs ago. Thank the goddess as, having tried many styles to try & match my energy and inability to stay still ( ie my high and swinging arms were a danger hazard as well as just not part of the Latino elegant straight style so asked to try other styles: read leave tre vit!)

I have spent most of my working life in the grass roots justice system: starting off as a naive go-get-em street youth worker in Brisbane, moving to bi-cultural community work in Sydney, then climbed the organisational ladder to Policy and Planning positions in Goldfields Health (Kalgoorlie) and finally moved here to Perth with the Disability Services Commission. I became very disillusioned with the lack of connection between the funding/programme management mindset and the real needs of families in our communities and, after fighting arse bound bureaucrats who thought government monies were their domain, I left! But not before establishing a jewellery business on the side which is where I am now. I have nada IT and computer skills so am utilising my analytical (I think?) policy, planning and funding skills plus my energy and fun as the Grants Officer. Being on the Committee is continuing my connection to and involvement in community, sharing the sacred joy, friendship, fun and intangible support of dance with other dancers and making this all accessible and participatory to the wider community.

Social Media Manager/Webmistress/Membership

Hayley Birch

Hayley was a child of the 80's and started her dancing career with music tuned into the likes of George Michael, Madonna, Queen and plenty of one hit wonders that you now only hear on 94.5fm Saturday Night Party Mix. 

By the time she was seven she started Ballroom Dancing and became a Medalist in her early teens. After dabbling in Jazz, Contemporary and hip hop, Hayley started bellydancing back in 1996 when she was in high school. Bellydance in Perth was fairly new back then and she was lucky enough to see some of Rose’s first performances at “The Cedar Tree” before Rose became the bombshell she is today. Inspired by Rose, Keti and her private tutor, Hayley  pursued bellydance in Fremantle, then danced in Queensland before coming back to Perth to Oasis. She eventually became a member of Free Spirit and then enjoyed tuition by Janet Hof. Her preferred dance style is Oriental but occasionally dabbles in Tribal. 

Since sustaining car accident injuries, Hayley has taken a backseat from bellydance and is currently on the Free Spirit committee where she fiddles with website thingys and background digital admin. She has a strong passion for the community and fundraising focusing on all things bellydance. 


Studio Information Officer

Karen Davey

I do like that title! I thought I was going to be Poster Putter Upper! 

Dancing is my Life. Music is my Life. Family, Friends, & Garden too. I’ve been involved with Free Spirit since 2011, when the classes were held in the Old South Fremantle High School. I love being involved with other women; women from different & diverse backgrounds & experiences who enjoy their preferred style of dance.

I began general dancing when I was a child: you know, heel, toe, shuffle, tap: I did ballroom, where I met the Love of my Life at 16. We took Latin & ballroom medals too. Having done other types including Body Jam, Line & Latin, it’s the Gypsy Caravan style that I enjoy most. I love dressing up too: I love my 25 yd skirts; I love doing skirt whizzies; I don’t ever want to grow up. Some of us danced for Nursing Homes for a while. I hope to do it again.

It will be a privilege to work on the Committee with a group of women who are working for the same cause, continuation & growth of FSDC. Please come & say, Hi, at a HAFLA!!


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