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Phynia is a Middle Eastern Dance Artist based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Her authenticity and warmth in her interactions with her audience and passion for performing, make her a highly sought after performer and teacher in Australia.

As a teacher of Middle Eastern Dance, Phynia sees each student as a unique individual, with their own style and aims to help her students develop their own sense of self through dancing. Her approach to dance is holistic, with focal points in her classes including : self-expression, playfulness, musicality and origins of music and movement, improvisation, engaging an audience as well as drilling technique and learning her signature moves and style. Phynia is very personal in her instruction and approaches teaching with playful humour and openness, creating an inclusive environment for all students in their diversity.

Beginners Bellydance with Phynia - THURSDAYS 5.15 - 6.15pm @ Beeliar Community Centre.

This class is aimed at first time and beginner students who want to learn the basic bellydance moves, enjoy the health benefits of bellydance, such as gaining muscle strength, better posture and body confidence and have some fun! The classes are a mixture of technique and drills, working towards a basic choreography towards the end of term. Classes start with a warm up to help immerse students into the dance mindset, followed by technique and drills, some different combinations and finishing with a cool-down. Beginning students attending the classes will also learn about the origins of bellydance, some of the different stylisations and how to listen to and interpret the music through movement. The best time for students to join is at the beginning of the term, as classes are designed sequentially and build on the skills learn in the previous lesson, but students are most welcome to join us at anytime! Wear something you can move in freely and feel comfortable in, such as active wear or a flowing skirt and singlet. Hip scarves and coin belts can add a feminine touch and help enhance your movements and there will be a few available to loan.

Intermediate/advanced bellydance with Phynia - THURSDAYS, 6.30pm - 7.30pm @ Beeliar Community Centre

A bellydance class aimed to take intermediate dancers (with at least one year’s experience) to a new level in their dance skills repertoire. This class will also challenge advanced dancers and help refine and strengthen muscles for isolations and accents. Classes will consist of a mixture of drills, technique and Phynia’s signature drum choreography for this term, with the opportunity to perform at Free Spirit Haflas and events. Students should expect a good workout from the classes, as well as learning the secrets to some of Phynia’s signature moves and tips for performing and developing stage presence. The best time for students to join is at the beginning of the term, as classes are designed sequentially and build on the skills and choreography learnt in the previous lesson, but students are most welcome to join us at anytime! Wear something you can move in freely and feel fabulous in!

Classes are $20 for casual attendance, or you can purchase a 5-class pass to use as you go for $85, or a 10-class pass for the discounted rate of $150!

(Class passes are non-refundable and must be used within 2 terms of purchase).

Contact Phynia on 0406 102 771,  at or find her on Facebook.



Bellydance Classes in Traditional and Fusion Middle Eastern Dance Styles, offered in Perth’s northern suburbs. Having dipped her toes into most available forms of bellydance at various times, Andriya has found herself strongly drawn to Egyptian dance in its many styles and flavours. She also revels in theatrical styles and working with props – sword, cane, veil, zils, riq, shamadan, wings, voi… there aren’t many that she hasn’t had a play with or collected over the years. Andriya offers classes at two levels.

Ignite: Wednesday evenings, 6:00 – 7pm
at Studio 44 in Wangara (44 Rigali Way)

    This class is aimed at advanced beginners to intermediate level students, or for those who just want a fun and social way to get some exercise. Expect to dabble in props, define your movements, delve into various rhythms and styles, and generally have a good time!

    Raqs Shula: Tuesday evenings, 7:45 – 9pm.

    at Studio 44 in Wangara (44 Rigali Way)

    This class is aimed at high-level intermediate and advanced students, and those looking to develop their performance skills with a group focus. Props are frequently used, adding an extra element of complexity and coordination.

    The classes are choreography-focused, so it’s best for students to join at the beginning of a term, but if you’re up for the challenge feel free to join at any time. Dance terms roughly follow WA school terms, although there may be some flexibility with dates to match the progression within each class.

    Classes are held at Studio 44 in Wangara (44 Rigali Way): $25 for a casual class, or discounts if purchasing a 5-class pass ($110) or 10-class pass ($190) - more details and enrolment form at the website ( or FB page (

    Contact Andriya or see her website and her Facebook page.

    Princess Fee

    If you love raqs sharqi, danse orientale, getting your spooky on or just boogieing on down to arabic music in a hip belt, you're in the right place!

    Princess Fee is very eclectic in her Bellydance loves, and dance everything from hot pink cabaret, to sassy shaabi, to tribal and tribal fusion, all the way through the glorious spectrum of dance to gothic bellydance. Princess Fee runs four classes a week at 111 Wellness Space in Medina, WA and all her classes are available on Zoom for regional, remote and interstate dancers.

    Zyama Foundations - MONDAYS 5-6pm ONLINE only - streamed live over Zoom.

    A foundation course in Zyama - Princess Fee's signature style. This is an improvised dance format based on a cue-and-response where you learn a vocabulary of movements - a Goddess Series - inspired by one of the many deities, drawn from several pantheons. This is a beautiful, flowing and intentional style, a moving meditation, that feels wonderful to dance. This class is an introduction and drill class. Zyama assumes a basic level of knowledge of bellydance technique, so at least 12 months' experience of oriental dance technique is recommended.

    Sayyida Troupe Class - WEDNESDAYS 6.15 - 7.15pm 

    at 111 Wellness Space, Medina - 111 Medina Ave, Medina.

    This is a more challenging class based on Egyptian and Turkish bellydance styles. We explore different styles, props, rhythms and fashions throughout the bellydance world. We learn a choreography each term for performance and this class is suitable for intermediate students with some bellydance experience who wish to push themselves and polish their technique and troupe work.

    BellySlink Troupe Class - WEDNESDAYS 7.30 - 8.30pm

    at 111 Wellness Space, Medina - 111 Medina Ave, Medina.

    A more challenging Zyama class for beyond-beginners. This is an improvised gothic-fusion dance style and is slower, slinkier and more muscular, so it's great for toning and strengthening your core. Slow things down and get slinky with it!

    Contact Princess Fee at, on 0415 881 370, see her website or Facebook page!



    Alura was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia and started bellydancing with Belyssa Academy Of Dance Orientale in 2010 after finding an ad in the local newspaper when searching for something new in her life. To name a few, she has studied Persian and improvisation with Michelle Ridsdale; Egyptian cabaret and Khaleegy with Princess Fee Bellydance; Oriental and Khaleegy with the Daughters of Horus; Samba with Yamina Hofer; oriental with Carolyn Verhoef and tribal with Sandy Burrow.

    With these organisations she has enjoyed dancing continuously in WAMED, Ariel the story of a wilful mermaid, the Zahgareet Hafla 2019 and local community events. She has recently commenced studying improvisation and professional performance techniques. Her solo debut improvising to American Chicano music at the Zahgareet Hafla produced by Adrianna Gordon received amazing feedback.

    Alura continues her study internationally by participating in programs such as Awaken the Dancer Within (Bali), World Tribal Fusion (Bali) and Egypt Revisited (Egypt) and; organising the annual Mahtowa’s Hafla. 

    Thinking about trying Bellydance but don’t want the pressure of performing and buying costumes? Try Alura’s Bellydance Fit classes Saturday mornings! Alura’s Belly Dance Fitness classes are designed for the everyday busy woman wanting to invest some time for herself. Alura will teach you technique and self-care while enjoying being fit. Students can choose how hard they want to work during class. Classes are suitable for beginners wanting a fun workout regime; a time out for self-care and friendly atmosphere to explore femininity. Start your Belly Dance Fitness class now!

    Bellydance Fitness with Alura - SATURDAYS 9-10am @ Beeliar Community Centre

    This class is a fun way to claim your 30 minutes of daily exercise, aimed at the busy woman wanting time for herself once a week. Focussing on enjoying the movement, beginners of all ages are welcome. Class starts with a hearty warm-up, drills to learn the moves and then the fun part…putting it all together.

    Students can join this class at any time but are encouraged to start first week of term. Follow Alura's Event Page on Facebook for the date of next term. Wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in like leggings and a cotton top. Coin belts, fringe belts and hip scarves are encouraged and are available for loan in the class. This class will not perform and students are not required to acquire costumes.

    Classes are $15 casually or $100 for a 10-week term.

    Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Soul

    Contact Alura on 0408 617 633 or at or Alura's Bellydance Facebook page



    Please note that Cat is currently on maternity leave and taking a break from teaching.  

    When I attended my first class of Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance (GCTB) I felt like I had “found” my dance home. I loved the vibrancy, colour, adornments, diversity in the women dancing, and the large collection of moves that give you a feeling of being grounded and connected to yourself and others. GCTB pulls together various passions and interests of mine. Dance and music have been woven through my life from a young age, and I enjoy travelling and learning about cultural diversity. I love the rhythms, drumming, and ziling (finger cymbals) in dance, and the ever growing repertoire of moves are influenced by cultures all over the world. Ultimately though, my favourite aspect of dancing GCTB is the connection you create with other women. Making eye contact and smiling with a friend, new or old, to share the special moment in dance is beautiful. It’s empowering. It keeps me coming back for more! It’s exciting that there are groups of women across Australia and the world dancing GCTB, and that I could jump in and dance together with them. I am continuously learning and have completed Collective Soul 1 to 3, and Teacher Training 1 with our Master teacher Nina Martinez. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and GCTB. Please come join us and start your week with an evening of dance, music, and a wonderful group of women. I’d love to dance with you!

    Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance: Beginners with Cat - Monday 5.45pm - 6.45pm

    Please note that Cat is currently on maternity leave and taking a break from teaching. 

    A fun class to start your journey in Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance! This is a class that will bring you connection with yourself and other women in our beautiful circle. Cat’s beginners class teaches the beginners collection of the diverse vocabulary of moves that GCTB has on offer, breaking them down and drilling in a fun way to assist getting them into your body. It’s for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and dance levels, including complete beginners or those with dance experience and would like to learn the GC way. GCTB is a modern dance with a repertoire of moves that are inspired by many cultures including those from the middle east, India, Spain, and Africa, to name a few. We use props, including skirts, baskets, swords, and fans, and enjoy ziling and drumming together. The connection dancers have in GCTB is from a lead and follow format, and the wonderful and fun formations we can create together on the dance floor.  This class will warm you up, stretch you out, and get you smiling as you learn together with a beautiful group of women. It’ll evoke your inner goddess and let her shine through in dance.

    Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance: Progressives with Cat - Monday 7:00pm - 8:00pm

    Please note that Cat is currently on maternity leave and taking a break from teaching. 

    Cat’s ‘progressives’ class is for women with experience dancing GCTB and would like to continue developing and refining their skills at a higher level. Please contact Cat for more information regarding this class, and whether it’s the right one for you. 

    $15 per casual class and discounts available through purchases of a class pass (*conditions apply, please ask Cat for details). Please bring your own water bottle and wear comfortable clothing. If you have one, a lightweight scarf around your hips and adorn yourself with a flower. 

    Contact Cat at, on 0407 135 647, or via Facebook at The Silver Bloom Circle.

    Please note that Cat is currently on maternity leave and taking a break from teaching. 



    Ayesha has been a teacher and performer in Perth for 30 years and for 10 years was part owner of the Sheik to Sheik bellydance studio in Beaconsfield with fellow bellydancer Eva. After a few years hiatus she has taken up her hip scarf once again and is embarking on a six week beginners course focusing on technique, musicality, history and the fundamentals of Egyptian style bellydance.

    These classes will be fun as well as instructional and we will be focusing on short combinations each week rather than choreographies. We will also be delving in and out of Keti’s A-Z combinations as Ayesha is a qualified A-Z teacher.

    The cost of the 6 week course is $90 or $20 casually. Be prepared for giggles as well as wiggles as Ayesha keeps her classes light hearted sometimes at her own expense! Wear loose comfortable clothing, leggings or tights and there will always be a spare hip scarf to borrow. Please be aware that membership of Free Spirit Dance and Wellness Inc is a necessity and can be done on line.

    I am happy to discuss any concerns you may have prior to the class.

    Please contact Ayesha to register your interest in her classes.

    Contact Ayesha at or on 0438 223 914.

    ADDRESS: Free Spirit Dance & Wellness Inc.
    PO BOX 5109
    SOUTH LAKE W.A 6164


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